30 Years of Experience as a Real Estate Advisor

Marc Zegar


Significant experience with financial problems in a wide variety of fields, including specialization in real estate development at all stages of completion. Approved as an FDIC contractor, Mr. Zegar is an experienced legal and business professional who has a unique understanding of your business needs, insolvency and restructuring issues. Highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer (licensed to practice law in CA - Inactive 1/6/14) with extensive experience in bankruptcy court litigation and supervised case management including Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 trusteeships, custodial and general receivership's, crisis and financial restructuring assignments, liquidations and asset sales under Section 363 as well as part of an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors proceeding. Served as Trustee and Trustee's counsel on numerous occasions.


More than 30 years of experience as a real estate advisor, monetizing nonperforming assets into income streams.

Trunk Properties, Inc - Since 1982
Founder/ President

1979 – 2003 – Law Offices of Marc Zegar, APC
Founder/ President

1974 – 1979 - Marc Account Systems, Inc., Torrance CA
Founder/ President